Wednesday, January 26, 2011


26/365 Red
Originally uploaded by maggie_gem

Just couldn't resist the red door and Christmas balls in this front yard. Haven't seen grass in over a month, and tonight we're supposed to get approximately another 8 - 14".

On a more sober note - my cousin slipped on the ice this morning and broke the top of her humerus. Not very humorous at all! Luckily she is OK and she'll know more after seeing the orthopedist in a few days.

It has been pretty wicked out there!


Hilary said...

Oh ouch.. that sounds painful. Be careful out there your own self.

Lovely pic.. that red just pops right out.

greygirl25 said...

Beautiful image. Hope your cousin gets to feeling better.

Nuttin' but green grass here. Sorry.

Tabor said...

Romantic picture. I can empathize as our winter was like that last year and I was soooo tired of shoveling.

Anonymous said...

Love the contrast of the red door and again, this makes me so cold. lol. Very nice capture!