Thursday, June 05, 2014



May is such a marvelous month... Spring is setting in, the flowers are in bloom and the warm weather is beginning to arrive.

Bits and Pieces

The month was filled with more toys and the Lego collection just continues to grow. This little guy was a Mothers Day gift from my daughter, one of three pieces that she knew I'd like to add to the ever growing population of Minifigs. My mother loved to collect clowns, she had us all looking for unique clowns whenever a special occasion called for a gift. So there's a special connection for me with clowns, they always make me think of her. Frankly, she was more into the Emmett Kelly type clown but this little guy just caught my fancy from first sight. There was a very strong connection with Mom as I looked upon this little figure... I'd say it had a very strong heart connection.

At times it may feel like the world is falling in on us, we must go on and pick up the pieces!

Once again I'm submitting to Kate's Photo Heart Connection...