Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back in the groove

Three weeks have passed and this blog has been very lonely. Well that trip was planned, booked and taken! Where does the time go?

The trip was great, we had a wonderful time exploring Virginia; Winchester was full of history, Old Town Winchester was very quaint and the Skyline Drive was fantasic. I want to go back in the fall when the colors are at their peak, I'm sure it will be simply breath-taking!

The nights, well they were mostly spent in West Virginia at Charles Town Races and Slots. Steve had a great time, he loves to watch the horses. One thing I can be sure of: I can go anywhere in the world, as long as there's a race track!

Winchester VA_20090619-2_DSC_1575
This statue of George Washington is located at the George Washington Office Museum in Winchester, VA.
More updates to come, come back soon!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Trip Planning Day

Sorry to say I didn't have a chance to take any pictures today. It was very busy in the office and I spent the evening planning a short get-away to West Virginia and Virginia, it should be a fun trip, I've never been to either place!

But, I did have to time to pick this oldie out of the computer!

View from Central Park (June 2006)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A View From the Garden Gate

This a view of the Cross Estate from the garden gate.
We took a ride to Morristown and visited the Ford Mansion. Morristown is the location of the George Washington's Headquarters during the "Harsh Winter" of 1779 -1780.
Washington's Headquarters
The day included a trip to the Cross Estate Gardens and downtown Morristown. My husband travels through this area frequently and says the town is really pretty during the holidays. We'll just have to go back and check it out!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Cold Spring Day

Today was a cold and rainy day here in Central NJ. It felt more like November than June; where is the spring weather?

I decided to just take a quick shot of a few memories left from yesterday

365/3 Take 2

Have a great Saturday!

Tourist Day


We made it, living a day as a tourist and we had a great time! Katie and I celebrated our birthday by going to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I've always lived within 40 miles of these national treasures and finally made my first visit today!

Ellis Island
The "Great Hall" in b&W manhattan in the background
Ellis Island
Katie, who loved the Museum, getting a shot of an exhibit. This was really pretty cool, from one angle it was a collage of people and from the other it was an American flag.
Ellis Island
Jess, Cindy and Katie and the Wall of Names
Ellis and Liberty Islands
A collage made with Picasa

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fresh Beginnings/Sweet Endings


Here we go starting a brand new "Trip Around the Sun"

There's a story behind the choices made for today's post, one I'll probably share in great detail another time, but my daughter Kate and I share the same birthday and this Jimmy Buffett song has a special meaning to us.

We went out to dinner to celebrate last night and today we're taking a day trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. A day we've been looking forward to for a couple of weeks. I'm really excited to spend the day with her and my brother Ed.

Kate got her birthday gift, a new camera, early so she wanted me post this picture she took of Maddox wishing us both Happy Birthday!

Birthday Maddox

Isn't he cute? He sure keeps us all entertained!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Vote - Does it REALLY Matter?

A very heated race is being run in Edison, NJ today. With 3 people on the ballot, one a complete newbie, with no political background; one incumbent, who has made many enemies; and one long time resident that has served on council under several administrations.

In a town where the average income of the working class resident is less than $50K and civil servants are earning twice that amount, does it really matter how we vote? Unions and civil servants are the only voices heard in town hall. Like most of what is going on through out the state and country; the inmates are running the asylum!

Updated 6/3 @ 9:29 am
Mayor Edison Dem - Primary -- 0 of 78 precincts reporting (0%)
William Araujo 1%
Jun Choi (i) 47%

And the Winner is Antonia Ricigliano 52%

God bless the tax payers; what's left of them!