Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Vote - Does it REALLY Matter?

A very heated race is being run in Edison, NJ today. With 3 people on the ballot, one a complete newbie, with no political background; one incumbent, who has made many enemies; and one long time resident that has served on council under several administrations.

In a town where the average income of the working class resident is less than $50K and civil servants are earning twice that amount, does it really matter how we vote? Unions and civil servants are the only voices heard in town hall. Like most of what is going on through out the state and country; the inmates are running the asylum!

Updated 6/3 @ 9:29 am
Mayor Edison Dem - Primary -- 0 of 78 precincts reporting (0%)
William Araujo 1%
Jun Choi (i) 47%

And the Winner is Antonia Ricigliano 52%

God bless the tax payers; what's left of them!

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