Sunday, May 31, 2009

Month's End

It's hard to believe that May just flew right by, time seems to get more fleeting with each passing year. I haven't posted to the blog in over three weeks, something that I need to fix in the coming days.

Sure I've been busy, but so has everyone else. As June brings with it the end of another "Trip Around the Sun" for me (and my daughter too) I will try to do a daily update along with a 365 on Flicker. Making that public announcement is scary, it's making an open commitment to start a project and complete it.

I've enjoyed reading many blogs since I started this one up again in January. Many are like-minded photography enthusiasts, but most are much better writers. More insightful observers of the world around them, willing to share their thoughts with the blogosphere. Committed to those that are following their blogs, and sharing their thoughts by bravely posting comments on what they've had the pleasure to view.

I'll finish this month with some of my favorites from this past weekend, watching Maddox sleep-in Sunday, he loves to cuddle up with whomever is sleeping latest and moves from person to person as they arise from their slumber!

Maddox - Sunday Morning

Feeling oh so sleepy...

Maddox - Sunday Morning

Is it wake-up time?

Maddox - Sunday Morning

Oh, never mind!

Maddox - Sunday Morning

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