Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

The long weekend brought with it the opportunity to get outside and explore with camera in hand. Only this time I made sure to check the settings, those pictures from Mother's Day would have been fantastic if I'd reset the camera from the previous shoot which was in a theater with virtually no light (and NO FLASH ALLOWED). Well guess every newbie learns that lesson sooner or later.

Saturday afternoon found me at Lake Papaianni in Edison, NJ. There were a few things I found interesting in this very small park with a pond.

A little late in the season, but this flower was hanging in there


A couple of boys were also exploring


A couple of fishermen had some high hopes


And Maddox certainly was excited to be out about


Unfortunately he just gets too excited so we have to keep him on a lease. He's very friendly and would just run off to Meet and Greet everyone within his sights.

There were a couple of mallards, including this one


Tons of geese,



including a band of charging goselings



They all finally calmed down to follow Mom and Dad back to the pond


We finished the trip with one very tired Maddox in our car


A good time was had by all!

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