Monday, April 27, 2009

Off to the office

Off to the office
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It's been awhile since we've been out with the camera. A couple of weeks ago Rosie came along to the office to help get a new PC ready for delivery to a customer

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What are you talking about?

Slang has always been used by teenagers and sub-cultures as a way to speak freely without others really understanding what is being discussed. But, today's use of such language can easily be translated on the internet. As more people share their knowledge and the world becomes smaller and smaller due to the speed at which information flies into our lives, it might as well be "Pig Latin"

There are a few blogs that I follow on a fairly regular basis, and today there was an entry that was just too funny and enlightening, I just had to play along. This post Chronicles of a Country Girl: Whiling away the hours on a rainy day in April introduced me to the Urban Dictionary and post a list to look up. I just had to play along, so maybe you want to play along too?

1. Your name. Margaret
A girl who craves attention. Is also one of the most giving people you will ever meet,

~There was a bit more, but you'll have to look it up yourself. Kinda reminded of the Dennis the Menace comic's Margaret

2. Your age? 51
Apparently this is related to recreational pharmaceuticals

~hmm, should I be surprised?

3. What should you be doing? Laundry
a code name for sex

~I should have known it would have something to do with sex

4. Favorite color? Blue
The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490 nanometers.

~Looks like there is a scientist in the bunch

5. Birthplace? Bronx
One of the five boroughs of NYC which was originally part of Westchester county in the 1800's til they made the subway connection from the Bronx to Manhattan. Home of Hip Hop music and Culture. Home of the Bronx Zoo, The Yankees, Botanical Gardens, Zulu Nation(originally the Black Spades) and birth place of John Gotti. The only borough which has "THE" in front of it's name.


6. Month of your birthday? June
The month the hottest people in the world are born.

~I'd agree :-)

7. Last person you texted? Katie
A happy person who is a good listener and reliable friend. Likes to party and is always there when you need her.

~Pretty good, I'd mostly agree

8. One of your nicknames? Maggie

n. Nickname for Margaret.

~Perfect, although alternate entries left my jaw dropping.

9. What are you doing this weekend? Fundraising
fundraising isn't defined yet, but these are close: Band parents

~Wow, this IS a shocker

10. Random word: Responsible
responsible isn't defined yet

~ yet another gem of a find

While it's great to play along, it's been pointed out that one should not actually use these terms when in conversation with those in the know, cause it just ain't cool for the old folks to talk like dat.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rosie Meets Max

Rosie Meets Max

Rosie was traveling with the family for Easter and very excited to meet her cousin Max. She was amazed how much he looks like Scout.

Can you see the resemblance?

The pot o' gold

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rainy Saturday Indoors

It was a rainy dreary Saturday, and I'm needing to get some time with my photography so I decided I'd pull together some plush toys around the house and setup a shoot. Some of you may know about my photo-buddy Scout and his little companion Rosie. If your not familiar, it's an idea I stole (with permission) from a fellow Flickr member. The adventures of Pupsy and Pals is adorable. It wasn't until today that I realized there are entire Flickr Groups dedicated to toys and "material" animals. Since everyone around me is extremely camera shy I've adopted two photo-buddies, Scout and Rosie.

Scout was the first to freely model for me, he likes to come to work and seeks adventures around the house. Sometimes he ventures out into the world, but mostly he loves to hang out and chill, today he came across my daughter's school books and I found him reading,

Checking Out Shakespeare


Reading the book

He's quite the cultured little fellow.

Later, he was quite happy to run into Bunny. Since it was the day before Easter he thought maybe Bunny could use a helping hand. You see Scout is always on the look out for a friend in need.

So Bunny, what'll you put in this?

Maybe Easter Bunny will help by filling this up for the humans, but we won't know for sure until tomorrow. Bunny explained that Easter Bunny surprises humans, they don't get their presents until Easter morning, and since he is a very crafty bunny they sometimes have to hunt around the house to find them.

Now Rosie on the other hand is just a tad impulsive, she heard Scout and Bunny talking about the empty wheel barrow and quickly went to find a solution. She searched around the house and found something that might be useful for the wheel barrow.

Rosie thinks her ball will fit

While Bunny could see Rosie was anxious to help, he really didn't think this was quite what should be placed in wheel barrow. Someday he would have to have a conversation with Rosie about the different traditions that humans have for their holidays and rituals. Rosie is young and the most recent addition to the gang.

Not quite what bunny had in mind

Scout was quick to join in and tell Rosie that Bunny was getting ready for Easter, NOT Halloween.

It's not Halloween, Rosie!

"Jeez Rosie, that's a Halloween toy! You have alot to learn about the rituals of humans." Scout will soon be reading up the habits of humans to explain things to Rosie.

Happy Easter
Happy Easter!
Scout and Friends

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Saturday Night in The Village

6th Avenue and Bleeker Street

Our trip to the city was originally planned to see Jack Bruce at the BB King Theater. Unfortunately the show was cancelled due to illness. Since we were already in the city we ventured off to the village. It's been some time since just walked around the neighborhood and things had certainly changed. Luckily I had my camera and made the best of the trip.

As we travelled west to east, we came across some new and interesting sites. Like this restaurant that had quite a crowd inside and people waiting to get in.

Risotteria - Greenwich Village

Apparently there is HUGH market for gluten-free dining in NY. You can read more about this on the Risotteria webpage.

The brand new DIZTRICT store, "a one-stop shop for cool, cute and quirky accessories" according to Time Out New York.

Bleeker Street Window

This store is a Korean Hotdog place, the first in New York, but there are over 100 of them in Korea. I've never heard of, let alone tried a Korean Hotdog; not sure I handle this, but it sounds interesting.

Hotdog and Coffee

Spring has certainly arrived, even on the sidewalks of New York, Daffodils are breaking through and making their appearance.

Village Daffodil

Even the neighborhood bodega has an assortment of fresh-cut flowers to choose from.

Street Flower Mart

East of 6th Avenue, you can find an assortment of clubs and pubs, some old and some new. You can even sign up for a walking-tour "Pub Crawl" to all the joints that have been frequented by literary greats such as Dylan Thomas, Eugene O'Niel, Edgar Allen Poe, and more. Heck, even Bob Dylan was a Greenwich Village lover.

Pubs that we ran across in our jaunt included The Bitter End, Kenny's Castaway, The Back Fence, to name a few.

The Red Lion, in the heart of NYU territory. Read what the New York Magazine has to say about it at

The Red Lion

Thunder Jackson's Urban Roadhouse?

Thunder Jackson

Home of the "Dirty Burger"? Now that sounds interesting... but the place get some very mixed reviews over at CitySearch