Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rainy Saturday Indoors

It was a rainy dreary Saturday, and I'm needing to get some time with my photography so I decided I'd pull together some plush toys around the house and setup a shoot. Some of you may know about my photo-buddy Scout and his little companion Rosie. If your not familiar, it's an idea I stole (with permission) from a fellow Flickr member. The adventures of Pupsy and Pals is adorable. It wasn't until today that I realized there are entire Flickr Groups dedicated to toys and "material" animals. Since everyone around me is extremely camera shy I've adopted two photo-buddies, Scout and Rosie.

Scout was the first to freely model for me, he likes to come to work and seeks adventures around the house. Sometimes he ventures out into the world, but mostly he loves to hang out and chill, today he came across my daughter's school books and I found him reading,

Checking Out Shakespeare


Reading the book

He's quite the cultured little fellow.

Later, he was quite happy to run into Bunny. Since it was the day before Easter he thought maybe Bunny could use a helping hand. You see Scout is always on the look out for a friend in need.

So Bunny, what'll you put in this?

Maybe Easter Bunny will help by filling this up for the humans, but we won't know for sure until tomorrow. Bunny explained that Easter Bunny surprises humans, they don't get their presents until Easter morning, and since he is a very crafty bunny they sometimes have to hunt around the house to find them.

Now Rosie on the other hand is just a tad impulsive, she heard Scout and Bunny talking about the empty wheel barrow and quickly went to find a solution. She searched around the house and found something that might be useful for the wheel barrow.

Rosie thinks her ball will fit

While Bunny could see Rosie was anxious to help, he really didn't think this was quite what should be placed in wheel barrow. Someday he would have to have a conversation with Rosie about the different traditions that humans have for their holidays and rituals. Rosie is young and the most recent addition to the gang.

Not quite what bunny had in mind

Scout was quick to join in and tell Rosie that Bunny was getting ready for Easter, NOT Halloween.

It's not Halloween, Rosie!

"Jeez Rosie, that's a Halloween toy! You have alot to learn about the rituals of humans." Scout will soon be reading up the habits of humans to explain things to Rosie.

Happy Easter
Happy Easter!
Scout and Friends

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