Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Inside Looking Out

4/365 Inside Looking Out
Originally uploaded by maggie_gem

Bubbles, full of enthusiasm, points out the (still) snow covered yard, hoping to get out this morning. Unfortunately she doesn't have anything to keep her warm outside in this cold weathered.

Thanks everyone that offered name suggestions! Here are the suggestions: Bubbles - 3; Maddie - 1; Nikia - 1 (Nice name btw); Beanie Boo - 1; Moon Pie - 1

So, it's official - Please welcome Bubbles!


Hilary said...

Cute. The latest raccoon release is named Bubbles.. she's a sweetie!

greygirl25 said...

My goodness Bubbles, what big eyes you have!

You are very cute.

Anonymous said...

That is such an appropriate name! Such a cute photo :)