Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Gems on the Hudson

“That's what it takes to be a hero, a little gem of innocence inside you that makes you want to believe that there still exists a right and wrong, that decency will somehow triumph in the end”
  Lise Hand

Saturday afternoon I met up with a group of Flickr friends and walked through a bit of Liberty State Park. With beautiful views of Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and NY it was a fun afternoon. Saturday afternoon finds cruise ships heading down the Hudson, to enter the Atlantic at NY Harbor. Here is the ship that we saw heading out


JJ said...

Ohh to be on that ship and heading away from the madness of the office

Hilary said...

So nice that you had the opportunity to meet some blogging buddies. What a colourful boat.

chasity said...

that is one bright boat!

Anonymous said...

Oh look!! It's a happy boat. What a great paint job.

The Blue Ridge Gal

lucy said...

i love this sparkly boat, and how the line of the front follows the line of the building along the shore. hello new york!

Country Girl said...

Isn't it great meeting people this way? What a fun day you must have had!