Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Another hidden gem in Newark, NJ. A Flickr contact mentioned that the Cathedral was very close to Branch Brook Park and that it would make for an interesting stop for anyone going up to the park. I'm glad I listened, especially after seeing it from the park! I stopped there for a few moments after leaving the park, I don't think I did it justice as it was an amazing place.

Originally planned to be built in the English/Irish Gothic style, the plans were changed to the French Gothic style in 1913.

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Dianne said...

it is magnificent!

Hilary said...

Such incredibly beautiful architecture.

MaggieGem said...

@Diane - I was in complete awe, amazing placing. They just don't build like this anymore!

@hilary - I don't think I did it justice... I need to back and see how I can do better. A tripod would definitely help.