Friday, March 19, 2010

Winter Drive - Sergeantsville, NJ

Sergeantville is the home of the oldest remaining covered bridge in NJ

A two lane county road leads from the bridge directly into town

The creek and roads are quiet, and glisten in the early afternoon light.

The general store is prominently located at the one traffic light in town, from what I've read they sell excellent home made Chinese food!

Awarded by the Princeton Bicycle Club as a Friend to Cyclists, they provide food and drink to nourish participants traveling through the areas. Warm and colorful surroundings were welcome this cold day in February!


Anonymous said...

Good Sunday morning to you! Thanks for leaving me a comment on my bloggity blog. Your winter photos are so wonderful with the white snow, blue skies and colorful buildings. Looks as though the snow is melting too! So much for winter... hope Mother Nature sends you some springtime weather soon! Enjoy your Sunday!

The Blue Ridge Gal

MaggieGem said...

These pictures are a few weeks old, and that was when I has sooo happy to see the snow. Thankfully the last few days have been absolutely gorgeous and spring-like. In the 70's yesterday, woohoo! Glad to see you're feeling better and out 'n about!