Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Day in Hoboken

Saint Patrick's Day was a beautiful sunny spring day and Kate and I took a stroll along Washington Street in Hoboken.

Our first encounter was with a street artist that was painting an old time street scene

The painter was friendly and even gave his permission to take photos!

Even the hotdog vendor was cordial, he was very proud that one of the paintings was bought by the city of Hoboken for their archives. There seems to be lots of civic pride in the city!

Have you seen or heard of  "Cake Boss" ? Well Buddy's bakery has been located in Hoboken since the early 1900's. Carlo's Bakery is directly across the street from Town Hall

The TV show has definitely improved this little shop's business, and word on the street is that the town was giving Buddy an award on 3/17 for the shop's contributions to the local economy.

Now that's getting a lot out of your dough... don't ya think?

Kate and I step inside for a few minutes, but the crowd was huge... 

We really don't need to be eating any of those sweet cakes or pastries anyway! We walked a bit further down Washington Street to see what other goodies we could find!

City Hall, directly across from the bakery was bustling with activity, after all it was the middle of a normal weekday.

This Police Officer was trying to keep things moving, mostly that bus which was interfering with the flow of cars and pedestrians! While it was a "normal" weekday, I did think there were more people just strolling along than was usual. Probably just the tourists and St. Paddy's Day celebrants getting ready to partake in the celebrations at one of the many neighbor pubs!

From the looks of things, revelers and inn keepers alike were anxious for this day to begin!

Kate was excited to be in Hoboken and wanted to have lunch at one of the many pubs along Washington St.  We did find a place that had a nice menu and reasonable prices, it's a shame I can't recall the name of it.

We loved the traditional pub setting, and the weather was gorgeous so the doors were open wide!

Steak with pesto and cheese was one of the specials, and it was quite good.

There was much more we got to see along Washington Street and then later along the river front. I'll be sure to post those another time! All in all we had a great day and I'm looking forward to another trip to investigate more of the neighborhood!


Hilary said...

These are great photos. I feel like I've strolled the streets of Hoboken with you. I love how you captured the feel of the place. Showing that artist painting the street scene is wonderful.

A New England Life said...

What a great day! It looks like lot's of fun and good weather.

I guess if the Bake Shop was that busy then they must have some yummy stuff!

These are the days you never forget : )

Nedra said...

Sounds like such a fun day. I like the way to wrote the post with multiple pictures along with the story.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I love love love blog tours and the photos were terrific. Really enjoyed this post, thank you :-)