Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday Hubby had a business meeting in N.Y. and I decided to join him for the ride. It was a beautiful day; Spring arrived in all it's glory! I didn't have much time, but I did spend a few minutes in Flushing Meadow Park.

The zoo was open and the animals seemed to really enjoy the day

Remote controlled race cars were really stirring up the dust, and getting lots of attention from nearby ball players and strollers alike

Balloons were available right near the carousel ride. I love watching children as they approach the carousel, the music elicits a proud marching stance as if they were in a parade.

Flushing Meadow was the location of both the 1939 and 1964/1965 World's Fair. There are quite a few structures that remain from these event, the most famous of which is the Unisphere.

The building below is near the NY State Pavilion and it's design is quite interesting. Something about the design makes me think of the Guggenheim Museum

I don't know the name or background of the building, maybe that's a project for another day.

Near the Unisphere there are relaxing and welcoming gardens

I could just hear and see the old time band or barber shop quartet playing from the gazebo

Saturday morning means sports and soccer seemed to be the sport of the day. Walking the ball to the field

Getting the goal ready for the the big game


Hilary said...

Great photos one and all but I particularly love the soccer kick about to happen.

MaggieGem said...

Hillary, once again thanks for stopping by. You always leave such kind words!