Monday, January 16, 2012

Whirlwind Week

The second week of this new year certainly was a whirlwind of a week, seems like everyday past Monday just sped on by!

Tuesday found us waiting in the doctors office for a bit too long... I just hate how much time is spent in these rooms! While we haven't really had any snow since October, the temps dropped enough for the daughter's boots to make an appearance. 

Got the Boot!
I find that I'm shooting a lot with the iPhone, love this convenient little device because it is always with me without weighing me down. Since it's also my phone, I dare not leave home without it.

Wednesday was off to a pretty bad start...

Bad Start
Daughter's car wouldn't turn over for anything... off to the mechanic we sent it! Not a horrible diagnosis, just some spark plugs needed to be replaced. Glad it happened now and not next week when she's back at school for her final semester. :-)

On a client visit I found this cute little couple just watching over things in the office

Desktop Buddies
My little friend Jeero is always looking for some "Snackers", but I think he's feeling a bit bloated from all the cookies

Lighter Snackers
Saturday afternoon Kate and I had the most delicious Peppers and Egg sandwich I've had in ages. She found an awesome recipe, I think this one is a keeper.

Sundays are so refreshing, a great day to relax! Hopefully the chores are done and a nice light snack of fresh apples can be enjoyed in peace and quiet.

And here we are, right back at Monday again... Monday morning just doesn't seem so bad when you have a friend right by your side...

Watching You

And as a bonus... another black and white shot, from Saturday's lunch preparation


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