Sunday, March 27, 2011

Exploring: 5 Pointz - Long Island City

80/365 5 Pointz
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This weekend hubby had a meeting in Flushing, NY and we took the opportunity to explore the old neighborhoods. Coincidentally we did this almost exactly one year ago, we visited Long Island City then too, but stayed closer to the river.

We both grew up in Queens, he grew up in Astoria and I in Sunnyside. We really enjoy checking out the neighborhoods to see how they've changed over the years, we moved to New Jersey in 1988, there have been many changes! Yesterday after showing our daughter the schools we went to and the apartment houses we lived in we ventured over to Astoria to have gyros for lunch (I think that's the main reason she came with us). We went back to Mr. Gyro's where we had lunch last year, but the place was now Broadway Eats. Looked like they still made gyros so we were game to check it out. Glad we did, the gyros were just as good as they were last time! Yummy!

Gyro at Broadway Eats
After lunch we headed down by the water, then decided to change course and checkout the 5 Pointz graffiti area I had seen photos of several months back. While browsing the web on my phone I noted there were recent news stories that 5 Pointz would soon be closing due to future development plans for the site. I felt it might be now or never, so off we went to Long Island City in search of the world renowned "Graffiti Mecca" off of Jackson Avenue.

As we approached the site, an old warehouse, the first mural that caught my eye

The main entrance was quite intriguing...

Photographers come from miles around to capture the artists and their work

Read more about this amazing place at their website


Dianne said...

what a great place!!
funny coincidence, I've been back to my old neighborhood in Brooklyn twice this week and have taken some shots as well
none as colorful as these though :)

Keidi said...

So colorful pictures!! Loving them! oh, and the picture of the gyro just makes my mouth watering.. I can only imagine how good it was!

gina said...

Interesting tour of Long Island City -- the murals are amazing! My daughter used to live in Brooklyn, and I loved exploring that city -- so much to see! Nice to meet you through Kat's blog.