Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Mother's Sorrow

While I was getting into the groove of my Project365 I've met some very nice and interesting people. I've also been using Twitter as a means of sharing my Photo of the Day with others who've undertaken the challenge of posting a picture a day.

It was during one of these Twitter exchanges that I saw the totally heart breaking story of Gavin David Bruce Norton. This story left me without words, it made me realize all the wonder that I have in my life, and the gratitude to be thankful for all the joy!

The joy of watching my beautiful daughter grow into a wonderful, caring and vibrant young woman is truly a blessing.


Hilary said...

I just read through the last few posts.. what a heartbreaker.

Tabor said...

Oddly enough I belong to a photography newsletter and this was posted in it recently. The post was all about making sure you have your camera for ALL the times in your life, good and bad.

MaggieGem said...

@Hilary - Thanks for stopping by, this story made my heart ache!

@Tabor - Thanks for stopping by, while agree about always having a camera, I don't feel comfortable taking pictures of the bad/sad things. Just very odd...

A New England Life said...

I really thought about doing a 365 project but in the end decided it would be more stressful than anything else. I can't push myself when it comes to photography. Either I feel like it, or I don't. Good for you in keeping at it!

I know that joy you feel in watching your child grow and blossom. So sad to hear of someone losing a child, as just happened in our town last week. Is there anything more devastaing to a parent? Somehow I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Great header shot with the pup in the snow.

The Blue Ridge Gal