Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Mac is Back!

I've been spending quite a bit of time online lately between flickr, facebook (Farmville is evil!) and just trying to keep up with the blogs I'm following. Lately I've been very restless, bored, unfulfilled. So, today I decided that I would dust off that Mac Mini I got about a year and half ago and give it another whirl.

The Mac Mini is a small, entry level computer targeted to the Windows user community. It's Apple's way of getting more PC users to switch to the Mac at a minimal cost. Historically Apples are known to be more costly than comparably equipped pcs, but this model is just the computer without Monitor, keyboard, or mouse. Those little things can cost a bundle, especially if you're a PC user who probably already has 'em. That was my case so off we went and just got a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch so we could just share with the Vista PC . A double key press is all we needed to go back and forth between them.

So, we hooked it up and we gave it a whirl. After getting familiar with the initial differences, and there are many, we didn't really see the big deal. I did learn there are many, many websites that are dedicated to the "PC switchers", the differences can frustrate the best of us. It was a strange experience and we all said "OK, now what?" Except my daughter, she absolutely hated it and demanded her PC back.

So I will be using the Mini for the next month, and post my thoughts. Just in case anyone is interested.

Today I'm thinking - What a cute little computer!

My photo buddy Louie agrees! :-)

Until next time - Live, Love, Laugh


Valerie said...

I will be curious to follow your musings about the mac. I was PC thru and thru and when I first switched to a mac- I was so frustrated because I couldn't find comparable software for my digital scrap booking (I always seems to get into things before they become popular). I loved canon's photo record for pc - but there wasn't a comparable program. Of course now there are programs all over the place. But, sorry I digress ..

When I had to get a new computer, I was so frustrated that the mac's are so darn expensive, but this is why I chose to stay with them ...

*Never, ever, ever (since 2005 when I switched) have I gotten a virus, or spyware or any evil crud from the internet (and there is no need for virus protection at all) - although my husband has some great FREE program someone told him about (I think it was a Dell service guy)for his PC that is amazing.

*PCs don't have a comparable Garage Band program. I am a musician. I can plug my keyboard , guitar, whatever, straight into my computer, play a song, do whatever I want to make it sound cool (add a bass part or a violin) click send to itunes - and I have my own recording in digital format for my ipod in minutes. I use it to record my students at school as well. I make sound tracks for our concerts.

*I can plug a tape recorder into my computer and can transfer all my tapes (that you can't buy anymore) from analog to digital recordings. (garage band) burn to cd or store on itunes

* I can transfer all my video tapes to digital recordings and burn to dvd (garageband)

Those were the 2 biggies for me. Garageband and no need for internet protection.

iphoto, idvd, imoviemaker are all insanely easy to use and come with the computer - no extra software. But if that isn't your thing - a PC would do.

My husband got a great deal on a pc laptop a few months ago. I have never seen a computer with so many blue screens and crashes and hose ups!

Nope it is a mac for me.
(SOOOO sorry to write so long - I sometimes am like the energizer bunny!)

Hilary said...

It is cute! I love my (not so mini) Mac.

Hilary said...
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