Saturday, August 08, 2009

Just a Bit of Sunshine

Sometimes just a little bit of sunshine can make all the difference in our view of the world around us. Sunny days have been few and far between this summer, and I'm thinking I really need an attitude adjustment, this Funk is lingering over me like the clouds over head!

Alas, this week we had some breaks in the dreary, starting with lunch with my brother on Monday, it was a nice break and we had a bit of fun with my photo-buddy Rosie.

Rosie: Diner

The waitress thought she was adorable! She also thought we were taking pictures for post cards, not a bad idea :-) My brother is now on a quest for a photo-buddy of his own!

Tuesday I found myself across the street from this local Stewart's Root Beer Diner.

And it just got me to thinking how quickly people forget about the established traditions around them. I thought about how the NEW Sonics (2 of them) opened last month in North Jersey and they were causing all sorts of traffic problems due to the droves of cars trying to pull into the 12-spot parking lots! Funny, people kill themselves for the next "New Thing" while these establishments are ignored.

But, alas Friday arrived with BRIGHT SUNSHINE, clear skies and low humidity. A fine summer day from the beginning.

Morning at Tommy's Pond.


Late afternoon on Main Street.


The end of the day, with a view that bids farewell.


And with that the weekend begins! All in all, not a bad week after all.

Enjoy your weekend! Until next time - Live, Love, Laugh!


Anonymous said...

Live Love Laugh... my motto in life and I have that saying hanging over one of my kitchen doorways.

Great pic of the root beer place. Sonic? People get excited over Sonic? Go figure...

Just an FYI.. I changed my blog name from The Blue Ridge Gal to Snappy Finger.. stop by if you get a hankering,...

*smiles and waves*


Hilary said...

These photos have such a summery, colourful feel to them. I love the orange root beer shot.. it looks like it's out of a story book.

MaggieGem said...

Di, Hilary thanks for stopping by