Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Texture Tuesday

134/365 Classic
Originally uploaded by maggie_gem

I've enrolled in Kim Klassen's Photoshop Skinny-Mini course to help me get the most out of the Photoshop Elements trial I downloaded.

I haven't really ventured into the post-processing realm until now and it is stirring a new inspiration for photography. This is a good thing, since I seem to be falling behind on my 365 Project.

For today's processing I applied Pioneer Woman's Vintage action, then applied Kim's Pour Vous texture at 75% soft light. What do you think? Have you used Actions and Textures in processing your photography?


helena said...

love how the texture makes the book fade into the background at the top right. great job

I started using textures July last year and love to explore what is possible - still a matter of trying things rather than knowing what impact a particular texture will have

Anonymous said...

Simple, sweet, and satisfying to view. You win my S3 award this week. YaY!!!!!

Georgia Girls said...

This photography world is all new to me. I can see how it could become very time consuming :) But fun!

Helene said...

To a fellow Central Jersey Girl...Love your use of texture. This is something I have yet to explore with my Photoshop Elements 9; in fact, I'm not even sure I can do this or have this feature. Note to self - Must investigate! But, I'm now shooting everything in RAW and having a blast! Greatly enjoy your photos.

Vonda said...

Great job! And you won't find a better teacher for post processing!

Hilary said...

You did a great job with this book image. I can tell you're going to have fun. :)

credd said...

good for you! great job on this!

i love actions and textures...and am enjoying making my own.

have you checked out http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/

Keidi said...

Pretty picture!!