Saturday, November 06, 2010

Autumn Morning

It isn't often that I am out and about with my camera in the morning. Lately I'm just not a morning person, when and why that changed is a mystery.

This morning Hubby and I had an early appointment and I managed to get some photograph's in morning light that I seldom have the opportunity to shoot in. It's helps that we're so late in the season, and today is the last day of Daylight savings, making this light available a bit later in the morning. It was very chilly, there was definitely frost on the neighboring lawns, surely signs of things to come!

As we left our appointment, the sun was beginning it's ascent... rising, almost above the trees.

The sun rises above the trees

We stopped at our favorite local coffee shop, where we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Our Place, early Saturday morning

The morning's First Cup

Autumn flowers... in the early sunlight, these beautiful flowers caught my attention. Despite the time of the season beauty can still be found in gardens.

Autumn Bloom

I was very surprised to see the Butterfly Bush beginning to bloom again. The leaves were full of dew and very colorful.

Butterfly Bush
As I walked up the path and on to the front steps I was reminded that the season is slowing heading forward and it's time to focus on what lies ahead.

Halloween Mat

Today I'm feeling a bit more inspired than usual, maybe it's the season... maybe it's the blogs I've reading lately, more than likely it's a combination of both! Have a great weekend!


Hilary said...

Thanks for letting us join you this morning. That steamy cup of coffee looks so inviting. Lovely, colourful shots.

Cathi said...

Wonderful photos - I am a coffee shop girl myself, so love the coffee shots! Have an awesome day! xxoo :)

Kerri said...

Lovely post! I especially love the coffee cup image! Off to get a cup now :)

patty said...

Hi Maggie, thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoyed my visit here and your pics and will sign up as a follower. I just got a new camera yesterday - so excited! I will write about it later today.

ELK said...

oh theses are really so nice..keep that camera handy!!

A New England Life said...

There's nothing like morning light to give you inspiration. Beautiful!

Janean said...

sounds like a wonderfully relaxing day!

big hugs!!!!

Grey Street Girl said...

Early morning photography is one of the only things that gets me out of bed on the weekends - well, in a happy mood anyway. These shots are great! I love shots of diners. :)

credd said...

i love early morning photography also...but rarely get out early enough (i like sleeping in). i see the flowers are confused everywhere.