Monday, November 23, 2009

Autumn In Clinton - Part 2

Sunday Drive Explorers

Here is a continuation of our Sunday in Clinton, we'll have take a time trip back a few weeks

Decorating for the season was early and thorough, from the harvesting signs of the autumn corn

to the displays of gourds and mums in the shops around town.

As we walked along Center Street there were views of the river, clearly showing us Mother Nature's decorating skills!

Providing an opportunity to reflect on the beauty we should be grateful to have.

Homes on the river attempt to guard their precious access to nature

Their place for relaxation, contemplation

Or cherished conversation

But there you find a small local business with the hospitality to share their abundance, and assist with decorating the scene for visitors

In the town that brings one back to a time when life was slower, and Nature was more cherished, when even power came from the river.

Until next time ~ Live, Love, Laugh!


Hilary said...

Maggie, these photos are just gorgeous. I love the colours, the mood and the feel of all of them. Beautifully done!

MaggieGem said...

Hilary thank you for your kind words! It's a great pleasure to share these captured sights with like minded bloggers :-)

smiles4u said...

So beautiful! Love these photo's. Congrats on POTW at Hilary's!

Daryl said...

what a lovely post thanks for sharing your day ... and congrats on TPOW!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures of that charming place. And thank to Hilary for finding them for us.

gaelikaa said...

Oh! Gorgeous pictures! And congratulations on your POTW mention, also!

Brian Miller said...

realy beautiful pics! thanks for taking us along. congrats on the POTW!

blunoz said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them with us. Congrats on POTW.