Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday Nights Have Changed!

1968: The "Original" Friday Night: eat dinner out with the rest of your 12 year old gang.
1975: "New" Friday Night: Payday, stop for drinks after work and party.
1982: "Improved" Friday Night: Dinner and a show with someone very special
1986: "Enhanced" Friday Night: Spending the evening home with your family
1993: "TGIF" Friday Night: Spend the evening watching all those shows on ABC with the kid
2000: "Freaky" Friday Night: Sitting at home worrying about the kid at those HS dances
2005: "Freaked Out" Friday Night: Sitting at home worrying about that kid starting to visit "clubs"


ArtAngel said...

Hello from another Richie Sambora fan! Hey, I know what you mean about 2005 Friday nights!!

markbencon19633734 said...
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